The best solution for pain in large joints for both seniors and younger athletes

HA1 MSM® lowers inflammation and improves joint mobility.

Your joints deserve the best care

This preparation serves and acts as a replacement for synovial fluid. It should be administered for joint (knee and shoulder) pain in both athletes and other general population 15+ who have joint pain. It is indicated by a physician (orthopedist, traumatologist or rheumatologist) for both traumatic and non-traumatic joint pain. Administration is indicated and carried out by a physician – orthopaedic, traumatologist or rheumatologist.

Package leaflet

Comparison: HA1 MSM® contains a guaranteed 1800KDa compared to conventional preparations which have up to 1000KDa. The higher the molecular weight value (the maximum effective value is 4000KDa), the better, longer and more effective the action. The higher the viscosity, the better for your painful joint.

Hyaluronic acid has natural lubricating properties and therefore reduces friction immediately after application. In layman’s terms – pour the oil into the door hinges.
Improved flexibility: the entire joint is subsequently nourished after application and the stiffened ligaments improve their elasticity, the joint is more flexible, more supple and movement is freer.
Better viscosity: hyaluronic acid itself is a viscous substance and therefore reduces friction. When administered, it induces the production of its own hyaluronic acid and thus also helps to reduce friction, increase joint flexibility and absorb joint shock.
Improved joint shock absorption: once the intra-articular structures have been nourished and regeneration has been induced, the joint is better able to withstand the stresses of everyday life or greater demands on movement or injury.

HA1 MSM® is non-doping, also suitable for elite athletes. No substance from this injection is on the doping list.

Both fitness and elite athletes overload their joints with regular sports. Do you experience knee or shoulder pain after exertion?
If so, this is where administering HA1 MSM directly into the joint comes in.

Your joints deserve the best

Pain relief

HA1 MSM® acts as a synovial (intra-articular) fluid replacement in joints affected by degenerative or mechanically caused osteoarthritis causing pain or reduced mobility. MSM has anti-inflammatory effects which are enhanced by the effects of hyaluronic acid.

It contains sodium hyaluronate (Hyluronic acid = HA) 1.6% (32 mg) + 5% MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) for intra-atrial injection in a pre-filled syringe.

Long-term effect

  • pain relief and consequent reduction in analgesic consumption
  • improvement of overall joint function
  • viscoinduction – increase in endogenous HA production

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